Raya Yoeli

Dr. Raya Yoeli

Visiting Faculty Member

Dr. ​​​Raya Yoeli holds a PhD in social work from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has many years of professional experience in consulting and in leadership development. She specializes in using narrative as a tool for professional identity development and for leading change, and provides personal guidance and consulting for managers in educational, public, and community organizations, focusing on organizational development and personal growth. She also develops and leads training programs on management, leadership, coaching, and mentoring. Raya has lectured at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Seymour Fox School of Education, on organizational vision and leadership development, as well as at the David Yellin Academic College of Education. At the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, Raya is in charge of the tutorship component and its development, as well as providing support and guidance to the tutors. She also accompanies and supports the fellows in their transition from their fellowship term back to the world of practice. In addition, Raya is a lecturer at the school and an adviser in the Mandel Graduates Unit.