Ariel Levy

Dr. Ariel Levy

Visiting Faculty

In his most recent position, Ariel Levy was a senior deputy director at the Ministry of Education and director of the ministry’s Pedagogical Secretariat. As the person responsible for formulating and directing the ministry’s pedagogical policy, Ariel was involved in leading several national reforms in the education system, including the "meaningful learning" reform, "Oz L'tmurah" (a reform of the secondary education system), differential budgeting to schools, and the "Marom" turnaround pedagogical program for schools. Previously, Ariel held a number of diverse educational and management positions, including director of professional development for Israeli principals at the Avney Rosha institute for school leadership; principal of the Gilo comprehensive high school in Jerusalem; mentor to teachers, principals, and schools; and high school philosophy teacher. Ariel holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and education, a master’s degree in philosophy, and a doctorate in education, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as a teaching diploma. He is a graduate of Cohort 7 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership.