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Moshe Vigdor Appointed Director General of the Mandel Foundation-Israel

The Director General of the Council for Higher Education, Moshe Vigdor, will become Director General of the Mandel Foundation-Israel in November 2012, and will oversee all the Foundation’s activities in Israel.

​The Chairman of the Mandel Foundation, Mr. Morton Mandel, has announced the appointment of Moshe Vigdor to the position of Director General of the Mandel Foundation-Israel, effective November 2012. The decision was announced today by the President of the Mandel Foundation, Prof. Jehuda Reinharz, to the leadership of the Foundation in Jerusalem.

Moshe Vigdor is one of the most experienced managers in Israel in the field of education. Over a period of 13 years he served as Vice President and Director General of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Subsequently he was Director General of the Jewish Agency, and over the last few years he has been the Director General of the Council for Higher Education and the Planning and Budgeting Committee.

Mr. Mandel said today: “I am proud to announce the appointment of Moshe Vigdor as Director General of the Mandel Foundation-Israel. Moshe is deeply committed to social and educational change in Israel and throughout the Jewish world. He is a highly experienced leader, whose values and vision go hand-in-hand with the values and aims of the Mandel Foundation.”

Prof. Reinharz said: “As President of the Mandel Foundation I am delighted to have Moshe Vigdor as a partner in the broadening and deepening of the educational activity of the Mandel Foundation-Israel. I have no doubt that Moshe’s experience in management and in education will contribute greatly to all areas of the Foundation’s work.”

Moshe Vigdor said: “I have much pride and fulfillment from having been a major partner in the recent turn-around process of higher education in Israel, which has already achieved much and led to new heights. I would like to thank the leaders of this process, Mr. Gideon Sa'ar, Minister of Education and Chairman of the Council of Higher Education, and Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, Chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee, for their partnership.

“I am thrilled by the opportunity to join the Mandel Foundation-Israel and to help lead this organization in making educational and social change in Israel and in fostering leadership, particularly as the Foundation enters a stage of deepening and widening its activities – based on the vision of its founders - Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel – for the benefit of Israel and its society.”