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Fellows of Cohort 27 Present Their Learning Products

The graduating fellows of the Mandel School presented the products of their two-year study program

​At a two-day event that was held at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, in accordance with Israel's Covid-19 regulations, the 20 fellows of Cohort 27 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership presented the fruits of their learning journey to a small audience comprising the faculty members, personal tutors, and the fellows of cohort 28.

“This event, at which you are presenting the fruits of your labors to the Mandel community, is the very last stage of the two-year learning process you have undergone here. But it is not the end of your relationship with the Mandel Foundation. From this point on, we will continue to support you throughout your professional careers,” said Danny Bar Giora, director of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. “There are three main elements of the learning journey at Mandel: The first is formulating your professional identity, clarifying your worldview, and developing a well-defined vision. The second is in-depth study of the content area you want to focus on. And the third is developing a proposal for a real-world intervention.”

Presentation of learning products|Products27

Bar Giora also related to the coronavirus crisis: “It is not easy to focus on the opportunities that the current situation presents rather than to focus on the difficulties, but this is precisely the defining characteristic of the Mandel community – including you, the soon-to-be graduates of Cohort 27,” he said.

“We expect each and every one of you to lead major change, each in your own way and in your own area of interest, in line with the values of pluralism, equality, openness, honesty, and integrity, promoted by the Mandel Foundation,” said Moshe Vigdor, director general of the Mandel Foundation–Israel. “I am sure that we will meet again and will be able to see the great things you have accomplished.”