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Fellows of Cohort 24 Present Their Projects

In early July, the Mandel School for Educational Leadership held a two-day event in which the fellows of Cohort 24 presented their personal projects

​The fellows of Cohort 24 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership presented their personal projects to their colleagues, their tutors, the faculty members of the School, and experts in relevant professional fields, at an event held at the School on July 3–4, 2017.

The personal project is the framework in which fellows present their plans for leading change in Israeli education. Projects are based on a vision rooted in a well-defined worldview and moral values, on in-depth study of theoretical and applied aspects of the chosen area of activity, and on the translation of these elements into the world of practice. 

“These are two days in which you present your professional identities and the products of your own individual learning journeys,” said Danny Bar Giora, the director of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. “This event is the culmination of your learning journey at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership; it marks the summit of your studies here, and as such is full of emotion and joy, which are shared by us all. Not all the seeds you planted during your two years here have taken root and come to fruition. Such is the way of the world. However, I am convinced that what you take with you from your time at the School will have an impact throughout your professional lives, wherever they lead you.”

Ruth Lehavi, the dean of Cohort 24, congratulated the fellows and noted the great diversity of issues they chose to address. Project topics included cultural difference and gender issues in schools; dealing with racism; treating youth at risk and in crisis; teacher training and development; musical education; sustainability; school-community-parent relations; and more.

Fellows of Cohort 24 Present Their Projects