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Mandel Fellows on Racism

Mandel School for Educational Leadership fellows share their personal experiences with racism and discrimination during the Bimat Mandel (Mandel Platform)

Odeya Barkan

"I'm the rare product of almost every Jewish school system in Israel: public, public-religious and Haredi - Beit Yaakov.
At the public-religious school I was described as 'the traditional girl from Katamonim where they aren't really religious'.
At Beit Yaakov I was nicknamed the 'Sephardic Ba'alat-Tshuva 9th grader.'
At the school in Or Akiva where I taught I was considered the Moroccan who Ashkenized."

Odeya Barkan: "Integration. Yeah, right."

Itschak Trachtingot

"New apartment, new neighborhood, new city. The move from Petah Tikva sparked hopes and expectations for a new, better future...
But the silence and disregard seemed increasingly suspicious.
The neighbor said: 'You're a nice Haredi, but that's how it always goes. First comes a nice Haredi and then come a whole lot of them and they aren't so nice. Really I have nothing against you except that you're a Haredi'."

Itschak Trachtingot: "You're a nice Haredi."

Rinat Porat

Rinat Porat: "To spare them from 'Jerusalemite heterogeneousness'". "When my children reached junior high school age I guided them towards very particular schools in Jerusalem...
I am motivated by a desire to spare them from 'Jerusalemite heterogeneousness'.
Is that racism? Is that elitism?"

Itschak Trachtingot: "You're a nice Haredi."