Ami Volansky

Professor Ami Volansky

Faculty Member

​Prof. Ami Volansky was a senior faculty member at Tel Aviv University, School of Education until his retirement in 2015. His research focuses on education policy including school reforms, school effectiveness, school-based management and higher-education policy. His recent books are Academia in a Changing Environment: Higher Education Policy in Israel 1952–2004 (2005); The Pendulum Syndrome: Centralisation and Decentralisation of Education in England and Wales (2003); and School-Based Management: An International Perspective (2003), co-edited with Isaac Friedman. He has published dozens of articles and monographs in his fields of expertise. Prof. Volansky is former Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Education and former Deputy Director General for Policy Planning, and had served as the advisor on higher education policy of four Ministers of Education.​