Professor Ariel Hirschfeld

Faculty Member

Professor Ariel Hirschfeld is a researcher and cultural critic. He is a professor of Hebrew literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he studied musicology and Hebrew literature. He served as the head of the faculty of Hebrew literature from 2008 to 2012. He also taught in a Jerusalem high school for 25 years. Ariel publishes essays and articles in Israel and around the world, and for many years wrote a weekly column in Haaretz. Among his books: Voi, Che Sapete – the Dialogue of Love in Mozart’s Operas (1994), Notes on a Place (2000), Toward the Last of the Gods: The Fountains of Rome (2003), Notes on Epiphany (2006),  The Tuned Harp – The Language of Emotions in the Poetry of H. N. Bialik (2011), Reading S. Y. Agnon (2011).​