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Fellows of Cohort 27 Present their Areas of Interest

Fellows of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership presented their personal posters, revealing the areas of interest they plan to address in their future work in the field of education

​The personal poster is one of the key products that second-year fellows at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership work on as part of their individual program of study. Preparing the poster allows fellows to gain experience in translating text into visual language, as part of their process of designing interventions for implementation in the field of education after the completion of their studies. On October 23, 2019, the fellows of Cohort 27 presented their posters to the faculty of the Mandel School, the fellows of cohort 28, and their personal tutors.

“There are three important landmarks in the process of working on the posters,” said Danny Bar Giora, director of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. “The first one – which is symbolic of the transition of the fellows from the first year of studies to the second year – is making a statement of intent to the Mandel community that says: ‘This is my area of interest, and this is the area in which I want to have an impact in practice.’ The second is that this is a wonderful exercise in being concise, and the third is developing the ability to communicate using a different form of language – visual language.”

Faculty member Dr. Neta Sher-Hadar, who led the process of preparing the posters, spoke about the connection between the Mandel story and the poster project: “The Mandel School for Educational Leadership is a great enterprise that began as part of a search for leadership that would improve Israeli society," she said to the fellows. "The need for this type of leadership has not lessened; indeed, it has only increased, along with the responsibility that you must shoulder as leaders. In this sense, the poster is the first step in your continuing commitment to do good in the world.” 

Click here to view the posters of the fellows of Cohort 27 (Hebrew)

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