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Cohort 28 Fellows Present their Areas of Interest

At the beginning of their second year of studies, the fellows of Cohort 28 of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership presented the areas of interest that they plan to address in their future work in the field of education

The poster is one of the key products that second-year fellows at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership work on as part of their individual program of studies. Preparing and presenting the posters helps the fellows hone and refine their area of interest and clarify its main principles. It also gives them an opportunity to gain experience in translating text into visual language, while showcasing their areas of interest to the broader Mandel community.

The fellows presented their posters to the faculty of the Mandel School, the fellows of cohort 29, and the fellows’ personal tutors, in an event that was held online due to the coronavirus restrictions. Each fellow presented their own poster, following which all participants of the event were asked to respond to each presentation using an online tool called Padlet. An individual Padlet page was created in advance for each of the fellows. After each presentation, the pages quickly filled up with responses, questions, thoughts about the future, ideas for useful connections between research and practice, and more, leaving each of the fellows with new materials for the continuation of their work.

At the beginning of the evening, Neta Oren spoke on behalf of the fellows of Cohort 28. She said that while the work on the posters only began at the start of this year, “these products are an expression of the path we have taken so far, and serve as a basis from which we can continue to create the change we wish to bring to the world – the unique imprint we want to leave behind.”

Danny Bar Giora, director of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, congratulated the fellows on their efforts. “As part of your professional development here," he said, "during which you define your areas of interest and the intervention through which you will contribute to and influence the world of education in the future, this exercise provides you with experience in conciseness and precision, as well as with an opportunity to detach momentarily from the world of words and switch to visual language. This is an event that brings us together, an event in which we ‘find our direction’ and declare our intentions.”

In the booklet produced to accompany the posters, Danny Bar Giora and faculty member Dr. Neta Sher-Hadar, who led the process of creating the posters with the assistance of Gili Stern, discussed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has strengthened debate about language, exposition, and discourse in society in general and in education in particular. At a time of social distancing and fragmentation, the visual dimension can help improve communication and create a more optimistic view of Israeli society. In this context, the posters reveal to viewers the full depth of their creators, including their foundational beliefs, their values, and their ambitions. Taken together, the posters reflect the optimism found in the rich mosaic that forms Israeli society.

Click here to view the posters of Cohort 28 online (Hebrew)

Click here to read the booklet produced to accompany the posters (Hebrew)

The booklet produced to accompany the posters